Tuesday, January 23, 1917

Inquest underway after Lieut.-Col. killed and four others injured as troop train pulled out Union Station.

“The witness stated that he had been instructed to use his officers in preventing accidents, but he had no instructions to keep the friends and relatives of the soldiers off the tracks…He shouted a warning to the people on the track, but the noise of departing train, the escaping steam, and the cheers of the crowd, he believes prevented the people from hearing him.”


Wednesday, January 17, 1917

Star reporter recounts his experience in a search for a job in a Toronto munitions factory.

“I had visited ten munitions plants, including practically all those which are well known…and what I had I found?… there is not the demand for men in munitions plants that I-and, I gather many others-thought there was. I got the impression, at one or two plants in particular, that women were wanted.”

Tuesday, January 9, 1917

East end property owners launch $200,000 claim against glue factory at Danforth Ave. and Coxwell Ave.

“The statement of claim talked of swarms of flies, ‘carcasses of great numbers of dead animals,’ ‘pens in which are housed large numbers of pigs which are in part fed upon the offal aforesaid,”stenches,’ ‘intolerable and disgusting nuisance.’ etc.”

Wednesday, August 2, 1916

Scarboro Beach is about the coolest spot in the city. “Thousands of citizens seek comfort in the cooling lake breezes every evening, and that the concerts given by Matt’s Band are listened to with every outward sign of enjoyment…The Thomas Trio of comedy acrobats is another special feature that pleases the crowds.

Thursday, July 20, 1916

With eight weeks until prohibition arrives in Ontario shop licensees request delay. “The deputation advanced as their reason for making this request, the fact that wholesale liquor men were selling their liquors to individuals at a price below that at which the shop-keepers sold, with the result that the wholesalers, through under-selling the shop men were getting the bulk of the business, and the shelves and cellars of shops were not emptying rapidly.”

Tuesday July 11, 1916

Five boys charged for stealing six pigeons from St. Patricks Market. “Another birdlike touch was added to the case by reason of the fact that the two juvenile complainants bore the names of Moses and Aaron Stork.”

Wednesday June 21, 1916

Murder on the Humber? Two arrested after Joe Donohue drowned Monday night. “He was a well-known figure on the Humber River…placed in charge of the Devin’s boathouse at the Old Mill. It was his custom at the close of the day to lock up and paddle down to the Devin’s boathouse at the mouth of the Humber, where he made his home.”