Monday, January 29, 1917

No tobogganing on Sundays says Mayor.

“Mayor Church to-day received a letter from a ‘A Canadian-American,’ suggesting that the civic toboggan slides should be opened on Sunday. ‘There is such a thing as being too good,’ he writes. ‘Pretty soon we won’t be allowed to walk on the streets on Sunday.'”

‘You don’t intend to take that up, Mr. Mayor,’ queried The Star.

‘Not in war time. This fellow would look better in uniform than sliding on Sunday. He’s probably a German-American,’ said his Worship.”


Thursday March 9, 1916

New “Independent Party” founded in Riverdale with 284 members in protest against prohibition measures – “the people are being trod on too much by the Lord’s Day Alliance and temperance cranks until it is so bad that it is worse than Prussianism or Kaiserism in Germany.”