Friday, August 11, 1916

Rose Avenue ratepayers sue board of education because of playground.

“The courts may have to decide whether the frolics of the young are to continue or to cease…From early morning until night many children are there, few from the neighbourhood, but the majority are from the city at large…It is alleged that some of the owners have had to leave and that property values have suffered.”


Wednesday June 28, 1916

Over 2,000 women attending day classes at Central Technical School and 5,000 night classes. Cookery is the most popular class – “The modern girl is evidently intent on being able to cook her husband’s meals when she marries.”

Tuesday May 23, 1916

4,000 soldier youth marched in today’s Empire Day Parade. “This is a big day of the year for the soldier kiddies. It’s Empire Day. It’s celebrated the whole world round. It was established as a sort of school auxiliary to the perpetual holiday, May 24, marking the birthday of the good Queen Victoria.”

Monday March 6, 1916

Orde Street’s Open Air School opens for Children recovering from tuberculosis. “Thirty seven-seven pupils reported at the Orde Stret School to-day, climbed to the roof, and there were decked out in Eskimo suits – a costume which covered everything but face and hands.”

Wednesday March 1, 1916

8,500 people attend Massey Hall over two days for a chance to visit Ireland through the travelogue films of Frank R. Roberson, the worlds greatest traveler. An old lady told the Star “the saints be praised. I’m going to the Massey Hall to see old Ireland before I die.”