Wednesday, July 26, 1916

Infant paralysis (polio) outbreak arrives in Toronto. “Thomas Jones, 4 years of age, 42 Metcalfe street, is the city’s first victim… A policeman has been placed on patrol duty before various homes of the children affected, in order minimize as far as possible the danger of the disease spreading.”


Tuesday May 9, 1916

Women’s College Hospital fundraising for larger building – “‘Many… women, through inherent timidity, will endure their troubles in silence rather than confide them to a strange physician of the opposite sex’… This institution is the only one that is available for these suffering and sensitive women.”

Monday March 6, 1916

Orde Street’s Open Air School opens for Children recovering from tuberculosis. “Thirty seven-seven pupils reported at the Orde Stret School to-day, climbed to the roof, and there were decked out in Eskimo suits – a costume which covered everything but face and hands.”