Monday, January 29, 1917

No tobogganing on Sundays says Mayor.

“Mayor Church to-day received a letter from a ‘A Canadian-American,’ suggesting that the civic toboggan slides should be opened on Sunday. ‘There is such a thing as being too good,’ he writes. ‘Pretty soon we won’t be allowed to walk on the streets on Sunday.'”

‘You don’t intend to take that up, Mr. Mayor,’ queried The Star.

‘Not in war time. This fellow would look better in uniform than sliding on Sunday. He’s probably a German-American,’ said his Worship.”


Thursday, January 25, 1917

Dr. Brown told she couldn’t be chairman of property committee because women don’t know about property.

School Trustee “Dr. Caroline Brown made it plain that she was not pleased because some trustees had intimated that a women did not know anything about property, and therefore could not be Property Chairman.

‘Maybe we’ll show you some time,’ she said.”

Monday, January 22, 1917

Governor-General in Toronto. Inspected Toronto Housing Company’s apartments on Bain Avenue.

The Toronto Housing Company is “now housing over 250 families comprising over 1,000 persons. The aim of the Housing Company, however, is not only to provide dwellings, but to assists in remedying those conditions of which undesirable housing is but a symptom.”

Monday, January 15, 2017

Snow cleaners were at work on Sunday. “There may be differences in opinion as to the need of snow-cleaning operations on the Sabbath, but Street Commissioner G.B. Wilson saw certain work to be done, and had it done…He has no apologies to make for the Sunday labor. Works Commissioner R.C. Harris did no have his men at work on Sunday.”

Saturday, January 13, 2017

Widow denied $1,000 insurance on husbands life, because at the time of his enlistment, he lived 200 feet or so outside the city of Toronto. “the widow lives alone in a little rentend cottage at 242 Atlas Avenue, Fairbank. Loneliness and solitude are her companions.”