Saturday, January 20, 1917

“For two years, Toronto’s jail farms have been ready to receive and improve the unfortunates whom Toronto sends to jail. For two years negotiations have been under way between the city and Province to so arrange matters that the old grey castle on the Don could be abandoned and abolished. The work is not yet done.”


Wednesday, January 10, 1917

“Cold storage men in Toronto admit the tremendous waste in eggs which was revealed by a Star reporters’s visit to Toronto crematory…but the explanation is simple. This years eggs were sent here from Petrolea, and which should have taken three days to get here, took two and three weeks, due to the fact that the railways were in trouble with regard to labour, so many men had enlisted, and traffic was congested.”

Thursday, July 27, 1916

The Street Cleaner’s Benevolent Association second annual picnic at Center Island. “Between 300 and 400 of the street cleaners and other members of the street commissioner’s staff with their wives and children, enjoyed a splendid day’s outing…the chief event being a tug-of-war, which was won by the men from the Western Division, and a baseball match which resulted in a tie.”

Wednesday March 15, 1916

Munition makers meet to discuss looming labour shortage as men leave for front. “It is necessary that some definite action be taken to stop our skilled men… from leaving their important work to join the colors.”

Horse-drawn cartage wagon in yard of Hendrie and Co. Ltd. storage warehouse

Friday February 11, 1916

350 Railway cartage teamsters on strike – “freight movement in all the railroad sheds of the city is practically at a standstill and upwards of 800 horses are to-day standing in their stables for the lack of men to drive them.”