Wednesday, January 31, 2017

Factories may close as Toronto faces serious coal shortage. Coal tied up at American border.

“In normal times it should take six days at the outside for a car of coal to reach Toronto from the mines…’Canadian railways are not able to take the traffic from the frontier…The result is that every American road leading to frontier is so congested that it was found necessary to put an embargo. The Canadian lines have the American railroads tied up tight, and the situation during the balance of the winter depends entirely upon the Canadian railways.'”


Tuesday, January 30, 1917

House club for business girls now a reality.

“By providing, in the Sherbourne House Club, a pleasant and inexpensive home – a home in a very real sense – Mr. Fudger has evinced the sincerity of his interest in these women and girls as human beings and not as mere working machines…Thought intended primarily for accommodations of young women employed by the Robert Simpson Co., other young business women, whose homes are not in Toronto, will be taken in as residents at the club, if there is room.”

Friday, January 19, 1917

“Work was started this morning on the foundations for the big steel works to be built by the Imperial Munitions Board on the 60-acre site at Ashbridges Bay…Toronto it is stated, is an ideal place for the location of such a plant, as it is the centre of the iron industry in Ontario.”

Wednesday, January 10, 1917

“Cold storage men in Toronto admit the tremendous waste in eggs which was revealed by a Star reporters’s visit to Toronto crematory…but the explanation is simple. This years eggs were sent here from Petrolea, and which should have taken three days to get here, took two and three weeks, due to the fact that the railways were in trouble with regard to labour, so many men had enlisted, and traffic was congested.”

Friday, January 5, 1917

Another Sky-scraper Coming. 9-storey structure proposed on Adelaide.

“Toronto is to have another tall office building. S. Frank Wilson and sons, publishers, plan to erect a 9-storey structure on Adelaide street just west of Bay street.”