Wednesday, January 24, 1917



Served Today, But Not Personally on Mackenzie or Flemming.

The M.O. H. has moved— the Toronto Railway Company has been summoned to Police Court on a charge of illegally overcrowding its streetcars.

This afternoon the blue paper was served by the police at the King and Church street offices of the company. The case is set down for hearing, probably before Magistrate Kingsford, in Police Court on Friday afternoon at 2 p.m.

The summons is against the corporation—not personally against the President Sir William Mackenzie, or the General Manager, Mr. R. J. Fleming. They do not have to appear. The company may merely send its lawyer to represent it.

The evidence on watch the prosecution Is based was obtained by employees of the Health Department yesterday evening, between 5 and 6.30, when the rush was on, and the over-crowding was at its worst.

The lines on which the evidence will largely be centred are the Yonge, Broadview, Parliament, Bloor, Queen, and Dundas lines. There are others, but these are enough to go on with, according to a Health Department official.

The prosecution will probably be in the hands of Mr I. S. Fairty, of the City Solicitor’s staff, assisted by Mr. Robert Wilson, of the Health Department.

People & Historic shots. - [1920?]-1987

Streetcar loading at Crawford and King, February 27, 1927 (City of Toronto Archives Fonds 200, Series 1465, File 722, Item 14)


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